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We are specialists in quality inspection and project engineering consultancy services

Omega Inspections Limited is involved in quality inspection of oil and gas equipment. We have carried out inspection works for companies based in  Europe, USA, Australia, Asia and Africa. we are based in London but operate throughout the region, Omega Inspections Ltd provides comprehensive inspection services, assisting you from the pre Inspection meeting (PIM) stage to final inspection and release of equipment.

Our inspectors are strategically located throughout United Kingdom . This is why we are able to attend to our client`s inspection jobs anywhere in UK at shortest possible notice.  All our inspectors are experienced and qualified engineers with masters degree in engineering and they deliver the highest quality inspection services to the utmost satisfaction of our numerous clients.


To enable you to meet increasingly complex quality requirements, our inspection engineers provide a full and personalised service covering every aspect of your inspection needs from attending the pre Inspection meetings, carrying out inspection from the material selection stages and follow the equipment production till the final inspection, documentation review, release and shipment of the equipment.


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